Sunday, January 6, 2013

The excitement of my new home

I have been so busy getting to know my new mom's.  I really really love it here! My favorite toy used to be the Kong.  In the last place I stayed for a while I would carry it around everywhere they would let me.  But here I have so many more choices of toys I forgot about my old Kong friend.  Then Mom Elise covered some tasty meaty treats with yummy peanut butter and filled my Kong full. It was absolutely amazing... I had so much fun getting the filling out that when my tongue wouldn't reach any farther I had to cry.  My grandma gave me a surfer dog.  I really like that too.  I took it with me to town the other day to keep me company in the car.  I haven't been howling as much when we go on trips and I have to wait.  If I'm a good boy (which I always am) they take me to the dog park or to my new friends house.  It's fun getting to run and play with other dogs.  The park in Nashota where my grandparents live is Mom Tara's favorite but it is a couple hours away.  I am just as happy at the little Reedsburg one.  I also have a new little human friend.  When I go to visit her and her dogs I like to steal kisses from her (she always smells like pan-a-cakes).
Having fun at the dog park

Running with new friends at Nashota Dog Park

Blurry pic of my buddies Booger and Gizmo
Sakura my little human friend

Sleeping with my surfer dog