Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our New Home

It once again has been soooo long since we have posted anything... But we have been really busy!  We have moved to Nashotah and I have a new housemate.  You might remember him from last posts, little Jax.  We are having such a great time playing, and sharing treats.  He is a lot bigger than before but still just a wee little thing.  Grandma is afraid of me playing with him rough but I am such a good boy.  And I only live 1 mile from my favorite dog park.  I have been making so many new puppy friends and getting lots of exercise.  Mom was talking to someone at the park earlier and they said oh my Max is so handsome.  She said thank you, he actually has a blog named Handsome Max.  That made her remember about all of my blogger friends.  I hope that everybody is doing great and I hope to catch up with all of you more often.  Happy Fall Everyone!
Jax lets me sleep in his bed 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A dog with a cause

I have been one busy boy... First I am so happy that the weather is warm and the dog park is on my list of to do's a couple times a week, then when the mom's have a day off together we get to go to the state parks. But today I want to talk about our trip to the state capitol.  IT was So much fun!  I made friends human and doggy, and got to march against Monsanto.  Which is the best thing anyone can be doing this time in our world.  I just don't understand how people can put chemicals in their bodies and expect to be healthy.  I made sure that everyone knew I was there so I could have happy healthy mom's.  They do it for me so I support them as well.  I look forward to watching our own organic garden grow this summer.  I will get to be out in the yard and I think they will cook me up some tasty treats as well.  If you don't know what Monsanto is please Google them.  Be more aware and take car of yourselves... Woof Woof... Happy June Everybody!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Catching up

It has been such a long time since I have been on here and I have so much to bark about... I have been having so much fun with my new house mate the time has just flown by.  My cousin Jackie moved in with us about a month ago (and my aunt Valerie).  I still have slight anxiety but having a friend to cuddle on the couch with helps a lot.  My mommy's also bought me a thunder sweater and a bark collar.  They are talking about getting a training collar as well.  I love learning new things, I now can high five as well as shake and I know over. My new favorite game is find it... They have me stay (a very hard trick might I add) in another room and then they hide biscuits in places all around the house.  I then get to find them all. Yummm....  Since I have blogged Valentine's day and St. Patrick's day have came and past and now I here the most important holiday of all is tomorrow! Mom Tara's Birthday... woof woof... Then of coarse Easter, where I can't chase the bunny or I won't get any dog toys I was told.  I have a lot of new pictures to add.  I can't wait until the spring weather hits Wisconsin. I have my dog park pass on my collar and I'm all ready to run and meet more puppy friends! Have a happy Easter everyone... 
Snug as a dog in a thunder sweater
Mom Tara and I am not on the couch...

Jackie my new couch cuddle buddy

Aunt Valerie 

I don't like this Valentine's day thing
I will pose if you take it off

I will chew it off

and pull like this...

St. Patrick's Day clothes are not so bad

I'm one Handsome Boxer

Just played over under with the lazer
I'm one Happy Boy

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Woofity Woof

I just wanted to say hello to everyone and that I am doing wonderful.  Sorry I have not been posting as much, mom started a new job and is going back to school so she is super busy right now and when she got a new phone it no longer connects the internet to the lap top.  She says her stupid smartphone is stupid whatever that means.  I just had a sleep over with my uncle jax and grandparents.  My moms went to Milwaukee to some restaurant downtown and said I couldn't go.  WOof I say.  But they came back this morning and said they had an awesome time.  Besides I wasn't there of coarse.  I hope everyone is having fun adventures and staying warm... I'm getting ready to hit the dog park before our drive home WOOFity WOof...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The excitement of my new home

I have been so busy getting to know my new mom's.  I really really love it here! My favorite toy used to be the Kong.  In the last place I stayed for a while I would carry it around everywhere they would let me.  But here I have so many more choices of toys I forgot about my old Kong friend.  Then Mom Elise covered some tasty meaty treats with yummy peanut butter and filled my Kong full. It was absolutely amazing... I had so much fun getting the filling out that when my tongue wouldn't reach any farther I had to cry.  My grandma gave me a surfer dog.  I really like that too.  I took it with me to town the other day to keep me company in the car.  I haven't been howling as much when we go on trips and I have to wait.  If I'm a good boy (which I always am) they take me to the dog park or to my new friends house.  It's fun getting to run and play with other dogs.  The park in Nashota where my grandparents live is Mom Tara's favorite but it is a couple hours away.  I am just as happy at the little Reedsburg one.  I also have a new little human friend.  When I go to visit her and her dogs I like to steal kisses from her (she always smells like pan-a-cakes).
Having fun at the dog park

Running with new friends at Nashota Dog Park

Blurry pic of my buddies Booger and Gizmo
Sakura my little human friend

Sleeping with my surfer dog

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays

The last few days have been so busy... I just wanted to take the time to tell everyone Happy Holidays! Just like the big snow man in the back yard has been saying since we got to my new grandparents house.  The drive down here wasn't so bad, I slept most of the way.  It was really exciting meeting new family.  AND... EVERYBODY LOVES ME! As if I didn't already know that, but I like being told I'm a good boy.  This holiday stuff isn't so bad.  People to play with you, feed you, give you new toys and treats, walk you.  Wow, I have been having so much fun.  I hope that everyone in bloggville is also having a wonderful Christmas!  As I said I would be posing for lots of pictures and then my mommy got a new camera for christmas so, well I have really been posing.  I think I'm kind of like a model boxer.  :) We have some of the new uncle Jax also. Enjoy the pictures and your families... Woof Woof...

Uncle Jax

Handsome Max

Hmm... Your really small

I guess your ok

We are going to be best friends when your big enough to play

What do you mean this is Jax's bed??? 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Relatives

My new grandma Terrie just got her very own furry companion.  She picked up her puppy today so I am looking forward to getting to meet my Uncle Jax for Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas... I don't know why I feel so excited.  I don't really know what this means but my humans have been baking yummy smelling foods that I can't have and talking about the trip we will be taking.  I'm glad that I enjoy a long car ride because they say it will be a 2 hour drive to my new grandparents.  I also get to meet my new human uncle during this trip.  I just know that everyone is going to love me, I just hope that cute little bugger Jax doesn't get all the attention.  I will be posing in lots of pictures to share.  I hope that all of you have very happy holidays... No naughty pets this year :)

This is Jax, the mini dauschound