Thursday, March 28, 2013

Catching up

It has been such a long time since I have been on here and I have so much to bark about... I have been having so much fun with my new house mate the time has just flown by.  My cousin Jackie moved in with us about a month ago (and my aunt Valerie).  I still have slight anxiety but having a friend to cuddle on the couch with helps a lot.  My mommy's also bought me a thunder sweater and a bark collar.  They are talking about getting a training collar as well.  I love learning new things, I now can high five as well as shake and I know over. My new favorite game is find it... They have me stay (a very hard trick might I add) in another room and then they hide biscuits in places all around the house.  I then get to find them all. Yummm....  Since I have blogged Valentine's day and St. Patrick's day have came and past and now I here the most important holiday of all is tomorrow! Mom Tara's Birthday... woof woof... Then of coarse Easter, where I can't chase the bunny or I won't get any dog toys I was told.  I have a lot of new pictures to add.  I can't wait until the spring weather hits Wisconsin. I have my dog park pass on my collar and I'm all ready to run and meet more puppy friends! Have a happy Easter everyone... 
Snug as a dog in a thunder sweater
Mom Tara and I am not on the couch...

Jackie my new couch cuddle buddy

Aunt Valerie 

I don't like this Valentine's day thing
I will pose if you take it off

I will chew it off

and pull like this...

St. Patrick's Day clothes are not so bad

I'm one Handsome Boxer

Just played over under with the lazer
I'm one Happy Boy


  1. It is always good to have a couch buddy and you look very handsome in your thunder shirt. We are happy to see you guys getting along so well.

  2. Comin' by from Reilly and Denny's place to say hellos!
    I hope your mom is havin' a wonderful birfday today. I hopes you two gives tons of kissies and maybe a few treats if hers really good...hehehe.


  3. Hi! Just stopping in from Reilly and Denny's blog! Happy Birthday, Mom!


  4. She had a great birfday... we covered her with kisses and not just because she smells like yummy smoked foods! Thank you for wishing her happy birthdays too..

  5. Just visiting from Reilly and Denny's blog...we miss seeing Jackie! Good to know he has a pup like you to hang out with! And happy birthday to your mom too!

  6. Hawooo wooo! Hope woooos Easter was pawsome!


  7. Hello Max,
    here is your new furfriend, Arno! I would be very happy if you come over and visit my blog too! Your Valentine day thing hadn't any chance against you!

  8. Great pictures! We were just in Wisconsin a couple weeks ago! We traveled all the way out there for our collie National fig show on LaCrosse!