Thursday, December 20, 2012

A very exciting day

Yesterday was a very exciting day... I went with my humans to town! It was especially cold so Tara had me wear my warm jacket, I waited for them while they went into the library; Not so patiently!  When my new humans came out of the building I stopped howling as soon as I saw them but another nice person had already called the nice police lady to say I had been left in a car all alone and I was oh so sad.  I don't know what the big fuss was... I just wanted to go check out a book myself! The nice police lady could see that I was well cared for and let us go on our way.  Tara says I have separation anxiety, I wonder what can be done to work on this?  I don't want to crying howl every time I need to be alone for a little bit. Does anyone have any advice to give to my new humans so I can be the best boy possible??? 

On a happier note I got a new bone to keep me occupied during this blizzard we are getting. I woke up to snow as tall as I am... burr... Talk about getting your outside business done in a hurry!  


  1. Nice to meet you! Reilly suggested we stop over, so we are now officially one of your followers! :) You are a real cutie patootie!

  2. Hi Max!
    Nice to meet you. The Cowspots sent us over.
    Wow, look at that bone...that should keep you busy for awhile.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  3. Hi, I came over to say welcome from your cuz's the way he used the word dweeb when he talked about you that the same as dork cos i call my new sista that quite often...anyway please come check out my blog mom takes me into the library and they are cool with it, and the bank, and everywhere there is no far no one has ever made her leave, maybe its cos she always dresses me like a weird baby doll or something...or sometimes i am in a stroller cos i am almost blind...we're not sure..they jsut let me in.....maybe mom needs to give you special chewy bone treats that you only get when you are in the car waiting....its hard to understand you have a furever home, cos i was really anxious when i first came to live with my parents. I came right from a puppy mill and mom said it took about 4 months for me to realize I was staying with them for GOOD!!!
    Stella Rose

  4. Hey Max I am so glad to meet you! Reiley sent me over (I know hard to believe, but he did). I too have seperation anxiety. But over the years I have gotten better. But the one thing my MOM cannot do is leave me home alone. I don't tear anything up I just work my self up to much. I go to a daycare place that my buddy Bert runs. What can I say I just love being with my MOM. Anyway...I look forward to hangin out with you. Stay warm and enjoy that bone.

  5. Hi Max - welcome tue Blogville. We r Shiloh'n The Diva Shasta - along with our mom, we r known around the blogz az Team Beaglebratz. Your cuzin Reilly over at Cowspotdog told us that u had just taken up rezidence here - welcome tue the neighborhood. We r shure u will love it here.

    Sorry we don't know how tue help a doggy with separashun anxiety - we haf herd of it butt just don't haz it - may-b cuz there iz 2 of us frum bein'alone.

    We gotta go fur now butt we will b bak.

  6. Hi, your cousin sent us over. Welcome to Blogville. That's quite a bone. Much too big for a pup like you to eat all alone. If you need help....we're here..just ask.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. Hey there Dweeb-Cousin (my new name for you - that officially make you Dweeb #3 in my world) Get your Mom to give my Mom a call and she will tell her how to work through some of those anxiety issues.

  8. Hey Max! It's nice to meet you. we just popped over from Reilly's to welcome you to blogville. Gloria has separation anxiety but we didn't adopt her until she was five and Freddie helps keep her company when we're gone. She has gotten better over the past year and I find ignoring her until she settles tends to work. But she doesn't chew anything that's Freddie and he just does it 'cause he's a bugger! LOL!

  9. Hi Max, I am Sasha. My pal and your cousin Reilly sent me over to visit. You are very handsome and I hope we can be pals now. My Mommy and Daddy are from Wisconsin, we live in Michigan now. 2 years ago my Daddy came to The University of Wisconsin Hospital to get a kidney transplant. Madison is one of their favorite places on earth and they are huge Badger fans. Please come and visit me when you can.

    Loveys Sasha

  10. Hey there Max, I dropped by thanks to your very funny cousins!! Well, what a big day you had! I like police officers, we live one block over from their station so I see them all the time! I have separation anxiety as well, especially waiting in the car. My Domeek reckons, if she gives me quite a bit of exercise beforehand, I tend to be happier and calmer waiting in the car with my antler to chew on! :-D

  11. Wowwwwwwwwww. That is the biggest bone I ever did see. Hi Max. I'm Ranger. I am a furfriend of Reilly. So glad you have a new forever home just in time for Christmas.

  12. We don't have any advice on separation anxiety for you, Max. We hope someone does.
    That is one huge bone!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  13. Hey Max! Reilly sent us over. Welcome to Blogville. It's a very nice place. We're Bart and Ruby, two rottweilers who love to hike and to cuddle. We look forward to getting to know you better. Make sure your moms take you on lots of walks (after the blizzard, of course.) That helps with all kinds of anxiety and puppy energy stuff!

    -Bart and Ruby

  14. Hey Max. Maybe you will get over the separation anxiety once you realize you're in your forever home? I hope so...cause you'll be a lot more comfortable if you're not howling. Just sayin.

  15. Welcome to the dog blogging world.

    Happy Colliedays

    Essex & Sherman

  16. Hey there, Max, it is so nice to meet you. You don't seem like a dweeb to me.

    Wisconsin, land of cheese food, you lucky dog.