Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snow Day...

Today was another great day in my new home. It was also what my mom's call a snow day. All of this white stuff came falling from the sky and boy oh boy was it cold.  We got to get our coats on and go for a walk.  After my paws got used to the coldness I was like a leaping deer, jumping and smelling everything.  It was like a whole world covered with vanilla salted ice cream just for me.  They wouldn't let me eat it though, something about the road salt not being safe for me.  But it was so much fun I had to spend the rest of my day curled up on the warm couch being snuggled.  Mom Tara would wake me up every so often with what she calls Kissy face.  (She covers my face with kiss after kiss after kiss) I guess it's only fair, she does let me kiss her too.  I just love my new home! Can't wait to tell you all about my new life adventures and to hear about yours... Sweet sleep everyone!


  1. Yep - you are going to one very happy boy that is for sure

    Oh check out this site - you can be on there "new blogger alert" great way to get new buddies.

    Also you need to do this - people are not fond of visiting blogs that have the "prove you are not a robot" thing - read about how to reset that here :)

  2. opps forgot the other site - Pets blog united

  3. Max you look so handsome in your new coat! I'm glad that your new moms got you a jacket so you can play happily in this snowy weather. Thank you for being such a wonderful pup for us at school, you'll be missed next semester. But I'm so very happy that you've found your furever home! Happy holidays to you and your mums! :)

  4. Where did Max go?? Need pictures !! :>)